Spring in your garden or field!

The cold weather is now behind us. Spring has arrived!

The sunny warm weather brings many beautiful changes. Flowers are blossoming, birds are singing and life is growing all around. 

Your soil is ready to grow your flowers/crops/fruits/vegetables. Take the necessary steps to ensure you achieve your goals this spring season.

Things you could do to in your garden/field:

  • Clear out the debris left over from winter
  • Prepare the soil
  • Define what you want to plant based on your location and local flora and fauna
  • Outline the execution of your plan, weather permitting (have a backup plan just in case)
  • Plan how will you manage your plants
  • Enjoy the process

Lush green gardens and lawns are part of the American culture and image. American people and numerous gardening businesses work hard every year to  keeping our gardens/lawns looking great.

An important component of keeping your garden/field looking healthy is to have healthy soil and good eco-system. Choosing the right plants, taking the correct steps and choosing good products will add up to a garden/field that has never looked better.

A healthy garden/field is welcoming oasis to native insects, birds and wildlife. Nature gives us life and deserves our utmost respect.

Some steps that we can take to support nature:

  • Being gentle with our American soil
  • Selecting plants that support biodiversity in your area
  • Minimizing our impact to nature by choosing sustainable and ecofriendly practices and products
  • Can you learn some new innovative ways to support nature? Be involved in your community and learn some new ideas from your local groups.
  • Sharing our knowledge!

Also don’t forget to enjoy the oasis you have created! Invite your family, friends, neighbors and show them the impact that one person can have! Let’s make positive changes together and support nature!