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Kevin Wengernuk

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Will Harris

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Dave J.

Contractor in Harford County

I first heard of Contact Organics at the Mill’s Turf Expo at Hopkins Brewery last summer. I saw the demo spray area that was only sprayed less than 24 hours earlier and was very impressed! After talking with Howard Vlieger and learning more about the product I decided to give it a try! I used it on a very badly neglected sediment pond area that was very overgrown, the application worked awesome! After my crew and I cleaned up the area weeks later the entire area came out awesome! The customer was extremely happy and I got several referrals from him. I also have 3 or 4 Organic customers that were very happy to hear I had an all Organic based, nontoxic solution to weed control. Contact Organics now gives me another tool in my tool box to make my customers happy!