Eco-Friendly Weed Killers for Homes & Gardens

The Contact Organics Weed Terminator20 provides the latest technology for effective, non-toxic weed killer for your property.

Safe for pets and family, but tough on weeds, Contact Organics Weed Terminator20 is formulated using innovative science to provide consistent vegetation control.
Looking for a lawn weed killer? Contact Organics Weed Terminator20 will help your lawn look healthy again.
You will be glad that you made the switch to pet-friendly weed control around your home and garden. 

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The Alternative Weed Terminator for Home Use

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Conventional herbicides contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to soil health, and potentially leave toxins in the environment and into the food chain. Contact Organics set out to find a modern alternative that eliminated safety risks. Based on 30 years of research experience, we developed a non-toxic herbicide approach for gardens and landscapes around the home.

We are committed to working with nature to develop products that are fast-acting, effective and importantly - safe weed control around your home.

  • Bioherbicide
  • Glyphosate-free weed control
  • Rapid action & suppressing regrowth
  • Fully biodegradable - No harmful residues
  • Environmentally sustainable weed killers
  • In line with regenerative farming practices
  • Non-toxic to humans, pets and the environment
  • Fast acting, providing rapid results
  • Suitable for use on glyphosate resistant weeds
  • Cost competitive

Pet-friendly Weed Control for Homes & Gardens

When you need weed control for your home and garden that is effective and non-toxic to your family and pets, Contact Organics offers high performing Weed Terminators to the United States of America.

In addition to offering non-toxic weed control for your home and garden, our Weed Terminator20 bioherbicide delivers solutions for various applications. Whether you need lawn weed killer or weed control for sports fields and other public areas, we can help.

How Do Our Bioherbicides work?

Contact Organics Weed Terminators are the result of successfully combining research, development with the powerful blending of science & organic chemistry. Contact Organics has created a fast-acting environmentally-friendly weed and vegetation control solution. Started in Australia, our Weed Terminators are now available to the US market.

Contact Organics' revolutionary herbicides kill the targeted plant or weed by desiccation & dehydration brought on when the plant’s waxy outer layer is stripped away.  Our products’ unique formulation is beneficial to soil microbiology and fertility, so you can simultaneously kill weeds, improve soil health and alleviate residue concerns.

Thorough coverage of the targeted plants is necessary to achieve maximum results. For more information please have a look at our application video.

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