Contact Organics USA at the 2CHD 2nd Annual Conference in Savannah GA November 3-5

We are thrilled to announce that our Contact Organics USA Team will be attending the 2CHD 2nd Annual Conference in Savannah GA November 3-5.
Contact Organics is dedicated to providing the highest quality nontoxic weed control products to its customers and ultimately to the environment. By creating products that focus on improving soil micro-biology while controlling unwanted plant growth, we aim is to restore balance in the environment. Stop using toxic herbicide formulations to control weeds and choose a better, smarter, innovative, glyphosate-free alternative, a soil-health-focused herbicide that’s both effective and safe. Keep toxic chemicals out of the soil, out of our food chain. Through this approach, we can help to remove toxins from our food, thereby bringing back balance to our bodies.
Independents Lab analysis has confirmed that Contact Organics products are FREE from Glyphosate, AMPA, Paraquat, Diquat, Chlormequat, Glufosinate. No Pesticides in the Weed Terminator & Boost combo were also detected!  To read the full blog post and see the results, click here.