FireHawk Bioherbicide: Non-Toxic, Residue Free, Environmentally-Friendly Weed Control!

Non-toxic Weed Control Alternative for Homes, and Communities

The FireHawk bioherbicide made from Nonanoic Acid, is an innovative & effective weed control produced and marketed by Contact BioSolutions! FireHawk Bioherbicide is a superior choice for the control of unwanted vegetation. Combining cutting-edge technology, and in-depth scientific research combined with organic chemistry, we have created a breakthrough in environmentally-friendly weed control. Contact BioSolutions' product foundations are based on our commitment to providing ecological & non-toxic weed killers and the result is a range of revolutionary bioherbicides. Contact BioSolutions offers an effective weed control alternative to synthetic chemical weed killers.


For people searching for safe, effective weed & vegetation control, Contact BioSolutions' FireHawk Bioherbicide is a superior solution. FireHawk Bioherbicide is an environmentally-friendly weed killer that is safe and effective, whether it is used in public areas, schools, parks, sports grounds or your backyard, hobby farm and more. Contact BioSolutions' FireHawk Bioherbicide is the weed and vegetation control product the US has been searching for.


Made from naturally-occurring materials, the active ingredient is Nonanoic Acid which is enhanced by our proprietary delivery technology and formulation.


Non-toxic weed killer formulated to support soil health.


Our products are environmentally-friendly weed killers that will biodegrade in a short period of time.

Blog, News & Updates

Contact Organics USA is at the Southern Family Farmers & Food Systems Conference 2023 (SFFFS Con 2023)

The Contact Organics team is at the Small Farmers Conference When: August 6-8, 2023 | Where: Texas State University | San Marcos, TX Come and talk to us about weed management, soil health, and healthy food systems. Our experienced team can offer a weed management option for your situation ...
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Emergence Counts: Kochia and Lambsquarter had zero germination! Superior Weed Control!

Aiming to restore balance in the environment Contact Organics' products controlling focus on unwanted plant growth while improving soil microbiology. According to the USDA Forest Service, there are an estimated 2,000 invasive and noxious weed species are already established in the United States. In a previous blog post, we focused ...
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Family Days on the Farm 2023

The Contact Organics team will be at the Family Days on the Farm 2023. Come and talk to our experienced team about weed control that will allow you to achieve the full growing potential in your setting, growing healthy, residue-free food on your farm or in your garden.   Family ...
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Southern Family Farmers & Food Systems Conference 2023 (SFFFS Con 2023)

Together we are stronger! When the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA), Small Producers Initiative at Texas State University (SPI), and Council for Healthy Food Systems (CHFS) decided to join forces in 2019, it resulted in the formation of the Southern Family Farmers & Food Systems Conference (SFFFS Con) - ...
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Contact Organics at the Common Ground Premiere – Tribeca Film Festival

As an innovative developer, marketer, and distributor of a revolutionary bioherbicide range of products, Contact Organics, joined the movement supporting regenerative agriculture. Contact Organics’ Managing Director Frank Glatz was invited to the launch of Common Ground film at the Tribeca Film Festival. The Tribeca Festival is a synonym for creative expression ...
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Come & meet us at The Homestead Festival!

Contact Organics USA team members will be at The Homestead Festival at Vendor Stall #16 When: June 2nd and 3rd Where: 4765 Hardison Mill Rd, Columbia, Tennessee 38401 Webpage:   The world has never been so connected, yet somehow simultaneously being more disconnected then ever before. Do you want ...
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How Do Our Weed Killers Work?

Thanks to 30 years of research and development, success has been achieved by combining science and the use of organic chemistry. Contact Organics' fast-acting and environmentally-friendly weed and vegetation control started in Australia and is now available in the US market.

Contact Organics' revolutionary herbicides work by stripping away the plant’s waxy outer layer, allowing desiccation of the plant by dehydration. Our products are also formulated to be beneficial to soil microbiology, so you can simultaneously kill weeds, improve soil health and alleviate residue concerns.

Thorough coverage of unwanted plants is required to achieve maximum results. For more information view our application video. 

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Why make the change?

Homeowners, schools, landscapers, golf courses, local governments and other local organizations are choosing to take steps to protect people, and the environment by switching to FireHawk Bioherbicide.

The future is here in an effective glyphosate-free weed control for home, community and agriculture. By working with nature using ingredients from organic chemistry, our range of fast-acting bioherbicides leaves the environment in better condition. No toxic residue is left behind, and weeds are highly unlikely to build up resistance. 

Woman looking down at an organic raised bed vegetable garden, holding weeding fork.

The Contact Organics Foundations

Our core philosophy is to work with nature to revitalize the soil with a safe and effective weed control alternative.