Sustainable Weed Control

Analysing food, pesticides free vegetables

Sustainable & Regenerative gardening is something that’s increasingly gaining recognition. While our bodies are exposed to hundreds of chemicals every day, we can take steps to keep this to a minimum in our food. At Contact Organics, we believe in sustainable and regenerative systems, weed control designed with non-toxic ingredients.

We aim to restore balance in the environment by creating products that focus on improving soil micro biology while controlling unwanted plant growth. Through this approach, we can help to remove toxins from our food, thereby bringing back balance to our bodies.
We take seriously our commitment to the environment. For this reason part of our research is focused on the effect(s) that our products might have on the microbial population in the soil. This is a summary report of University field trials that have been conducted and will be a published in the scientific literature in the future. The University of Missouri also conducted a study on tropical soda apple management. Tropical soda apple, very invasive weed species in the southeast part of the US, can successfully be controlled using the Contact Organics Weed Terminator20.

Soil Health Herbicide for the Home & our Land


Contact Organics is committed to developing regenerative agriculture through innovation with a sole focus on non-toxic methods and elements.

Our core philosophy is to help nature bring life back to earth.

We do this through our dedication to maintaining soil biology with soil friendly ingredients in our products. Our promotion of the use of nonhazardous, effective weed control comes from 30 years of research in health science. We may not be able to control all chemical exposure, but we can eliminate our own impact on the environment.

Our product range currently includes Contact Organics Weed Terminator20 bioherbicide, for all gardens, paths, and paving, because gardening on even a small scale should be sustainable and regenerative. Contact Organics Weed Terminator20 is also suitable for commercial applications as well as public utilities, parks and schools. This combination is effective and safe to use in most areas.

Take a More Sustainable Approach

Nobody wants the effects of their labor to leave a permanent burden on the planet.

By stopping the use of toxic herbicide formulations used for weed control and switching to innovative, glyphosate-free alternatives, you can use a soil health focused herbicide that’s both effective and safe. Keep toxic chemicals out of the soil, out of our food chain and out of our bodies with Contact Organics bioherbicide.