Come & meet us at The Homestead Festival!

Contact Organics USA team members will be at The Homestead Festival at Vendor Stall #16

When: June 2nd and 3rd
Where: 4765 Hardison Mill Rd, Columbia, Tennessee 38401


The world has never been so connected, yet somehow simultaneously being more disconnected then ever before. Do you want to connect and learn homesteading skills? Are you longing for a home that means more? Not more things, but more of the ‘good stuff.’ The things that money can’t buy. Come and be a part of the Homestead Festival!


The Homestead Festival is held on Rory Feek’s farm known as “The Homestead at Hardison Mill” located in Columbia, Tennessee, just 45 mins south of Nashville. At the first Homestead Festival, last June,  there were over 4,000 people. This year the expected number of attendees is around  7,000+.


The Homestead Festival is bringing together some of the most influential speakers, teachers, vendors and musicians for a two-day event where you can learn not only how to grow your own food, but learn how to grow a life filled with meaning and purpose.


Contact Organics USA will be at Vendor Stall #16 at the Homestead Festival. We can answer all weed management questions and we will have plenty of products in stock. Choose a sustainable, non-toxic, residue-free, and ecofriendly weed control, and create a healthy garden/pasture/farm/field full of life and not weeds.

Contact Organics USA at the Homestead festival
Contact Organcs USA team at vendor stall # 16 at the Homestead festival