We have created the following brochures to provide more specialized info to our users.

  • 20211111 CO WT20 CO Boost

    Contact Organics Product Brochure

    Contact Organics Introduces its Revolutionary New Non-Toxic Bioherbicide to USA market.

  • 20200924 v2 - CO-Boost Brochure

    Contact Organics Boost Brochure

    Click here for more information for all USA Products
    Contact Organics Boost

  • 20210107 v2 - WT Technical A4 Brochure - front page

    Contact Organics Product - Technical Brochure

    For technical details about the application of the Contact Organics Weed Terminator 20 and Contact Organics Boost, click here

  • 20211111 Regenerative Ag Brochure

    Contact Organics Regenerative Agriculture Brochure

    Regenerative Agriculture Brochure

  • 20211111 Landscapers Brochure

    Contact Organics Landscapers Brochure

    Contact Organics Product Brochure for Landscapers

  • 20210727 - Soil Study

    Scientific soil study Contact Organics Weed Terminator 20 and Boost

    Summary report of University field trials that have been conducted and will be a published in the scientific literature in the future, focused on the effect(s) that our products might have on the microbial population in the soil.